I’m always standing up for the community. Now I am asking the community to stand by me.

● Fighting for Quality Education
● Organized Vaccine Events
● Opposing Bath Ave Homeless Shelter
● Saved IS 228 Schoolyard
● Opposed MTA B82 SBS plan
● Fighting for Quality of Life issues
● Helped file and obtain Unemployment benefits

● Opposing Hate Crimes
● Supporting Public Safety
● Opposing defunding NYPD
● Opposed US Postal Service cuts
● Keep SHSAT & Gifted Programs
● Promoting & recognizing appreciation of Veterans
● Helping file rent assistance for landlords & tenants

Thank you for your support


The team.

Thank you, Sarah, Joann, Declan, Inna, Nancy, Larisa, Paul, Lily, Shirley, Annie and Deepa for all your hard work serving the people of my district.

Helping during Covid Crisis

During Covid, Assemblyman Colton and his staff participated in food distribution, masks/sanitizers giveaways, Organized neighborhood vaccine events and kept the community informed of the progress.

Speaking out for us

Opposing the 2147 Bath Ave Homeless Shelter plan. Fighting to keep IS 228 School yard. Protecting public safety. Fighting for school funding. Working to improve neighborhood quality of life.

Neighborhood clean ups

Organizing volunteers to clean up neighborhood streets. Demanding the restoration of funding for sanitation services. Reporting overflowing garbage pails and clogged sewer catch basins.

Assemblyman Colton improves neighborhood health awareness. He unites the community to fight for neighborhood issues. He obtains funding and programs for neighborhood organizations and senior centers to improve neighborhood quality.

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We can help you with: Business concerns, Medicaid/Medicare, State/City agencies complaints, Quality of Life issues, Landlord Tenant issues, STAR/E-STAR, SCRIE/DRIE, HEAP, SNAP filings and much more.

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